The Wonderful World Of Carnivores

Carnivores are a group of meat-eating mammals in the animal kingdom that are well suited for a hunting lifestyle. The group includes dogs, bears, cats, raccoons and hyenas. In total, there are about 250 species that are considered carnivores. Carnivores are quick, have sharp teeth, good eyesight, a keen sense of smell and sharp claws. These […]

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How Carnivores Benefit Humans And The Ecosystem

Ever since people started raising domestic animals for food, milk, wool and skins thousands of years ago, they have waged a war against carnivores. Back in the day, carnivores would attack and inflict damage on people’s livestock. Times are changing, and now the people of the 21st century are trying to bring those same carnivores […]

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Can You Keep A Carnivore As A Pet?

Carnivores are meat eaters that derive their nutrition from hunting or scavenging for food. The fact that they do this makes some pet owners hesitant to keep one in their home. Who wants a sharp toothed hunter around their home? What people with this misconception don’t realize is that their domestic dogs and cats are both carnivores. […]

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About the wonderful world of carnivores

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